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Mineral Point Historical Society Annual Membership Meeting and first Lyceum of

2019, “Mineral Point Artists, Past and Present”


The Mineral Point Historical Society will begin its 2019 Lyceum Series on January 20th with the Society’s Annual Meeting at 1 p.m. and the lyceum program immediately following at 2 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church, 400 Doty StreetAll members are encouraged to attend the annual meeting. The community is cordially invited to our program, “Mineral Point Artists, Past and Present ”  moderated by Jim Stroschein!

Several longstanding Mineral Point artists will present their points of view of living as an artist in Mineral Point, while others will represent past Mineral Point artists.  This event is part of the “Old-Timers’ Series,” an ongoing series that periodically showcases Mineral Pointers to help us remember earlier days in Mineral Point.

The panel will open the discussion to the audience following their comments.

Everyone is welcome. The program is free, although donations to the Society’s programming are gratefully accepted. Refreshments follow.  Annual membership fees are payable at this meeting as well!



















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World War I Exhibit featuring Dr. Homer D. Ludden

In 2006, an old Army trunk in the attic of a Mineral Point home was opened, revealing artifacts from World War I. These items, seldom seen in nearly 100 years, provide a fascinating glimpse into the life of a Mineral Point surgeon’s life on the front lines of France in 1918. The items included over 200 letters written by Dr. Homer D. Luddenback to his wife in Mineral Point, detailing the fierce fighting and unimaginable conditions of a medical unit during a war in which the new killing technology far outpaced the existing medical technology. Dr. Luddenreturned from the war and continued his medical practice in Mineral Point, making house calls, delivering babies and operating on farmhouse tables. Dr. Luddenbecame one of Mineral Point’s most beloved citizens. The Mineral Point Historical Society has developed an engaging exhibit called, “Dr. Homer D. Ludden, Mineral Point Doctor, Soldier, Citizen.”